We are a Berlin-based early-stage venture fund that loves B2B tech companies.

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When we invest

Our mission
  • Pre-Seed

    We target experienced entrepreneurs with a clear vision and a strong willingness to succeed. The founding team is usually not completed at this stage. Pre-revenue.

  • Seed

    At this stage, target companies have already released their first software product and generated early revenues. Implementation of KPI tracking is crucial for our investment assessment.

  • Series A

    Usually, founder teams are already completed at this stage and revenue growth is continuous and above average. Still we love to engage with the founders and be their sparring partners in strategic and daily challenges.

Learn about our investment criteria.

Illu People

who excite us.

The founders of our portfolio companies are the true heroes of Rheingau. Extraordinary personalities who are willing to constantly sail against the wind to reach new heights.



We are looking for ventures that are tirelessly challenging well established industries and have the potential to sustainably disrupt existing processes and value chains.

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The most brilliant tech ventures create new jobs and generate a strong return for both, investors and society.


At what stage do you invest?

We are an early stage VC. We typically invest in pre seed, seed or Series A stage of startups. It's never to early to start a conversation.

When is the right time to start a conversation?

It's never too early to reach out to us. Don't be disappointed if there is no good fit from the beginning. We are happy to continue touching base with your throughout your entrepreneurial career. A 'no' can easily become an 'hell yeah' ;-)

What is your usual ticket size?

Our initial ticket starts a roughly EUR 200k and can go up to EUR 1.5m. Overall, we aim to invest up to EUR 3m in one venture.

Do you only invest in Germany?

No. Although our network is the tightest in Germany, we have gained tremendous experience from your portfolio companies abroad.

Do you only invest in B2B?

In recent years, we have built up a strong track record in B2B. Yet again, there are always exceptions to the norm. If you are a great team in the B2C space, then please reach out to us!

What's your industry focus?

In general we are an industry agnostic fund. However, we have developed a particular interest in Digital Health, InsurTech, PropTech and ConstructionTech. Regarding business models, we are big fans of SaaS and Marketplaces.

What's your investment process like?

We love to start our conversation over e-mail including a comprehensive investment teaser and financials. After a brief selection process, we will invite you to a virtual call or personal meeting to dig deeper into your business and vision. If there is a great match mutually, we can be really quick and move things forward in our due diligence, typically accompanied by a term sheet before closing the financing round. On average, the whole process will take a couple of weeks (pre seed) up to 2-3 months (series A).

How do you support aside from capital?

We believe that every great deal is an equation of capital, network and knowhow. Over years we have cherished every business card we received and are now able to support our founder teams with our extensive network, both in VC and 'Mittelstand'. Having been in operational positions ourselves also helps to pass on advice to our fellow founders. However, we are not omniscient. Our humble approach means that we will always continue to improve with every step our founders and us take together.

What's the answer to life the universe and everything?


Our mission
Dr. Titus Albrecht & Co-Founders, RealXData

Why work with us
as a founder

With having negotiated more than 100 financing rounds for our portfolio firms, we are constantly searching for the right balance between founder-first VC deal terms and the right amount of money at the right time for each venture. We are all about building trustworthy relations with our founders throughout their entire life cycle.

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Our mission
Diana Hinrichs & Yannick Will (and team), Lindera

Why partner &
invest in Rheingau

The entrepreneurial approach is the core of Rheingau Founders as an investor. Our Campus can host up to 200 tech savvy employees of our early stage portfolio companies, which enables very close interaction between our founders and our team. Our operational experience from founding companies ourselves in the past continues to help us in choosing the right investment opportunities in the future.

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